[NOTE: I unofficially and indefinitely put Better Know a Fish on hiatus sometime in 2017, not having had time to keep up with this wonderful hobby with increasingly busy work life. Since 2020, I’ve been staying update with all things #TeamFish#SundayFishSketch, and #FishBooksForKids via this blog’s Twitter account, @BetterKnowaFish. Enjoy the archived posts here — and I’ll see you on Twitter! — Ben Young Landis]

Is there a fish you would like to see featured on the blog? Do you have a great fish photo or video you’d like to contribute?

Then please shoot me a tweet at @younglandis or email me at betterknowafish at I’d also appreciate any help with the following:

Researchers/fellow science bloggers: If you have any cool fish news or new published studies, send them along and I would love to see them. If you’d like to offer your expertise and share your knowledge on a genus/species, let me know too! I would also appreciate alerts on any factual and scientific errors I’ve made in my posts.

Photographers/artists: I try use photos and materials I believe to be in the public domain or under some sort of commons license. Otherwise, I will do my best to share with attribution and link to the source. If you see anything erroneously attributed or anything with a copyright violation, do send me a note. Much obliged.

— Ben Young Landis